Location: East bank of river at SE 7th and Miller St. just north of Sellwood Bridge. 

Access: Bike access via Springwater Corridor Trail. For cars, there is a large parking lot.

Lowdown: Located near Oaks Amusement Park, Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, and the Sellwood Bridge, this is a large family park with many amenities including a long beach area and a dock, which is in deeper water. It’s a great place for views of the city and the west hills and is easy to reach by bike via paved paths that lead downtown or east to Springwater Corridor. The dock blocks waves so the shallow water near the beach is pleasant – nice for kids (and dogs) to play in and adults to relax in. This is a popular spot for dogs. Please always pick up after your pets. 

Safety: Beach suitable for beginner to intermediate swimmers and children with close supervision. Minimal current, with gradual slope that goes down to 10-15 ft. deep around 50 feet from shore. Because of the depth of water at the adjacent dock, the dock is only recommended for advanced swimmers.