Location: East bank of Willamette River between Steel and Burnside bridges. 

Access: Short walk or bike ride from Rose Quarter Transit Center. Access from the floating section of Eastbank Esplanade. Ten bike racks were installed in 2022 in partnership with Human Access Project and Portland Bureau of Transportation. 

Lowdown: The Kevin Duckworth Dock is named in honor of beloved Portland Trail Blazer Kevin Duckworth. The Duckworth Dock has a long 300-foot deck which can accommodate many swimmers and sun bathers. “Duckworth” was designated as a swimming dock in 2021 and is managed by the Portland Bureau of Transportation. Duckworth features eight swim ladders and 10 bike parking spaces on the Eastbank Esplanade outside the entrance to the dock. The “U Shape” area between the dock and the Esplanade is a swim zone that is protected from boaters. The Duckworth Dock is the best place for viewing the sunset in downtown Portland on the Willamette River. If you catch the sunset at just the right time you can view a “double sunset” as the sun reflects off buildings downtown.

HAP’s role: HAP privately fundraised to hire landscape architecture firm MIG to re-envision this dock as a non-motorized swim dock. Pulling examples of other similar facilities around the world, HAP made a strong case for swimming use. As a result, the City of Portland has committed to making the Duckworth Dock a world-class urban swimming site – open to fishing and non-motorized boating. MIG’s work has received national attention including a design award from ASLA Oregon and a feature in Landscape Architecture magazine.

Safety: Because of the very deep river depth at this location, it is only recommended for advanced swimmers.