Cathedral Park

Location: North Edison St. and Pittsburg Ave. under east end of St. Johns Bridge. 

Access: Transit (Bus 75), bike, or walk to this beautiful grass park and small beach. Limited parking. 

Lowdown: One of the most scenic spots on the river, Cathedral Park sits beneath the awe-inspiring St. Johns Bridge which towers 400 feet above. There are great views of Linnton and the West Hills of Forest Park. Wonderful sunset viewing!  

The park includes swimming and fishing areas, boat dock and ramp, restrooms, picnic tables, and grass amphitheater. It has a small sand/gravel beach, right across from a bridge support. Cathedral Park is part of the Portland Harbor Superfund area which extends from the Broadway Bridge to Sauvie Island. According to Oregon Health Authority, swimming is safe from a human health perspective. This area is thought to be a campsite for a group from the Lewis & Clark expedition who explored up the Willamette River in 1806. A time capsule was hidden here in 1980 and will be opened in 2030. Stand by. 

HAP's role: With numerous volunteers, we have had several cleanups at this beach and have removed many elephants worth of concrete, rock and debris from the waters and beach area. 

Safety: Beach suitable for beginner to intermediate swimmers and children with close supervision. Minimal current, as fishing dock helps break wake from boats, with gradual slope that goes down to 10-15 ft. deep around 50 feet from shore. Because of the depth of water at the adjacent dock, the dock is only recommended for advanced swimmers.