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Humans wanted for City Council meeting

May 16, 2017

Humans wanted for City Council meeting




Are you a human who happens to love the beautiful Willamette River that flows through our city? Would you like to see beaches along the shores of downtown Portland, with safe places for you and other humans to access, swim and play in the water? Then we’ve got an opportunity for you on June 7th from 2-4!


HAP and others who support our goals will get to address the full City Council on the work we’ve been doing, and what we hope to see going forward. Testimony will be offered by various individuals and groups in support of increased and safer access to the Willamette River. The date is to be determined but it will be soon.


If you get this newsletter you know that HAP is committed to seeing that the future of Portland includes safe, accessible swimming areas throughout downtown Portland and the surrounding area. HAP has been working to be heard on this issue for many years. After the tireless efforts of the HAP Board and the many volunteers that feel similarly, City Hall commissioned a swim study for the downtown area. They are going to discuss it, and its pros and cons, this month!

We’ve lined up speakers to address the City’s swim study, as well as the one funded by HAP.  We will point out the benefits of creating more connections to the river, including economic opportunities, health benefits, educating the incoming population about respect for the river, and the overall good vibes that come with being able to be IN the river that runs through our city! 


Your attendance at this important meeting would be very welcome! Spots to testify on behalf of HAP are limited and we are already coordinating speakers. But we’d love to see City Hall filled with HAP supporters! If you can find the time, we hope to see you sit in and listen in support of those testifying.

We’re hoping to send a visual message as well by having our supporters wear Hawaiian shirts or anything they have with HAP or The Big Float logo. Dress the part!  


If you are interested in testifying, please email Sonia Montalbano at Those who cannot be fit into the public testimony slots can provide written comments, or sign on to the statements of others who share your views.