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Cathedral Park Dock and Beach Grand Opening Party June 29th 2-8pm

June 11, 2024

Human Access Project is throwing a Grand Opening Party to celebrate a new $900,000 dock at Cathedral Park and the removal of 150 tons of concrete from the river's edge by the community.

Thank you to our sponsors Subaru of Portland, Portland Parks and Recreation, Travel Oregon, Point West Credit Union, Port of Portland, Bureau of Environmental Services, The River Starts Here, XRAY FM and Portland Radio Project.
Cathedral Park Dock Grand Opening Party Details
Date: June 29th, 2-8pm
Place: Cathedral Park (St. John's, North Portland) party on beach, dock and grass
-Music by Snack and Red Leathers (Funk / Soul)
-Free swimming lessons from Black Swimming Initiative
-Free kayak rentals from Mosquito Fleet
-Life jacket giveaway
-BBQ by JP
-Community booths and more!
Schedule of Events
2-3:30pm Free Swimming Clinic by Black Swimming Initiative
3:30-4pm Ribbon Cutting
4-7pm Live Music
Human Access Project (HAP) feels a grand opening party is important to bring attention to how much the river edge of the beach has changed. This party is an invitation to St. Johns to celebrate the new dock and beach. HAP anticipates St. Johns, in time, will turn into a river recreation playground - very likely this summer. This party represents a milestone moment of this change for St. Johns, North Portland and the city as a whole.
Human Access Project has been working on improving the recreational value of Cathedral Park Beach since 2021.
In 2021 HAP recruited 100 volunteers to remove 25 tons of concrete and rubble from the North side of the Cathedral Park Beach. 
In 2022 HAP received an ARPA grant of $300k. We negotiated with Portland Parks and Recreation to use this money to replace the Cathedral Park Dock which is now in the process of being installed. The total cost of the dock is $900k. HAP catalyzed the dock replacement. The dock will have swim ladders and will be elevated by pontoons to improve water circulation inside of the dock.
In 2023 HAP recruited 150 volunteers to remove 125 tons of concrete and rubble from the South side of the dock. We had divers come out to look for trash inside the dock. The result of removing the concrete on the south side of the dock is that there is a new South Beach at the park where people can hang out, walk their dogs etc.
We are actively working on pulling permits to remove derelict pilings from the beach which we hope to do this summer in September. We foresee continuing to be involved in upgrading and stewarding the river experience at Cathedral Park.
Interested in lending a hand as a volunteer? Please send an email to