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4 Quadrant Candidate Splash Ride - July 3rd

June 13, 2024

Join BIKELOUD, Human Access Project, Lloyd EcoDistrict and Candidates in your District for the first ever 4 Quadrant CANDIDATE Splash Ride!

When: July 3rd, 3:30pm

Where: Various locations (bike ride starts from all four voting quadrants! - see below)

Why: Because it is fun, a chance to meet our candidates and have an excuse to swim and bike.

Four feeder rides (planned by route expert Tom Howe) start at parks in each of the new voting districts.
- 3:30PM Meet and hear from your local candidates for City Council and Mayor.
- 4:30PM Enjoy an easy 5 mile ride led by BIKELOUD on Neighborhood Greenways to the Ankeny Rainbow Road street plaza.
- 5PM Get food or drinks for $1 off at the BikePortland Bike Happy Hour and meet riders and candidates from other districts.
- 6PM Ride together to Duckworth Dock.

Splash in the Willamette River!
- Lifeguards at Duckworth Dock thanks to Human Access Project and Lloyd EcoDistrict.
- Bike-pulled and battery-powered DJ booth: PopCartPDX.
- Food carts, lounging, people watching, and sunset viewing.
- Bring your swimsuit, towel, bike lock, and bike lights for the return trip.

Merges with these rides:
4Q CANDIDATE Splash District 1:
4Q CANDIDATE Splash District 2:
4Q CANDIDATE Splash District 3:
4Q CANDIDATE Splash District 4:
Bike to the Willamette:

The 4 Quadrant CANDIDATE Splash Ride is now posted on the Shift calendar as four individual feeder rides on July 3, starting at 3:30PM

4 Quadrant CANDIDATE Splash Ride - District 1

4 Quadrant CANDIDATE Splash Ride - District 2

4 Quadrant CANDIDATE Splash Ride - District 3

4 Quadrant CANDIDATE Splash Ride - District 4

Confirmed Candidates Joining!
(if you are a candidate and would like to join sign up here)

Council - District 1
Timur Ender
Sonja Mckenzie
Steph Routh
David Linn

Council - District 2        
Elana Pirtle-Guiney
Christopher Olson
Nat West
Debbie Kitchin
Mariah Hudson
Jonathan Tasini
Mike Marshall
Laura Streib
Will Mespelt

Council - District 3        
Jesse Cornett
Rex Burkholder
Theo Hathaway Saner
Daniel Gilk
Angelita Morillo
Jonathan Walker
Matthew Thomas Anderson
Daniel DeMelo
Philippe Knab
Jesse Cornett

Council - District 4        
Mike DiNapoli
Olivia Clark
Ben Hufford
Sarah Strawberry Silkie
Michael trimble
Eli Arnold
Andra Vltavín
Eric Zimmerman
Lisa Freeman

Durrell Javon Kinsey Bey
Keith Wilson