The Naked Goddess' Guide to Swimming the Universe

Moody, Magical March Moon

March 24, 2019
'Tis the time for manifesting magic, and karmic rebalancing. Water is waking, and on the move, welcoming a flood of emotions, that will toy with your equilibrium, if you allow it. Seize the opportunity to evaluate the thaw, and consider what you want to keep, and let go. While the lunar veil between worlds is thin, be selective, like a sieve.
Use the dark feminine energy that pivots during the spring equinox to surrender ...   read more

February Snow Moon

February 7, 2019
Water is not often silent, except when it is falling snow. When the moon is full, we can see our path in the hushed snow behind us, and observe the fresh snow before us. What path will you take, yours, or follow someone else’s? The opportunity, the direction, is yours. Take a long, cold, quiet look into the future, and choose your path wisely. It takes courage to choose greatness; it takes daring to decide to be ...   read more


December 19, 2018
With this lunation, we have a double closure; the final full moon of the year, followed by the winter solstice. What a beautiful goodbye, and a bright beginning! If there were ever a time to evaluate your progress (past) and plot your path, it would be now, while the full moon lights your way, and increases your intuition, as the solstice elevates your emotions. If you've been thinking about making changes, taking ...   read more

November Frost Moon

November 25, 2018
The frost moon brings a warning. It is time to take stock and make final preparations for wind, snow, and ice. When you see your moist breath in the air, feel the rhythm, and evaluate where you are both spiritually and materially. Ask yourself if you have created space for personal possibilities and opportunities. This moon is full of feminine wisdom, and the moonlight on the water will reflect on your creative potential ...   read more


April 26, 2018
The full moon on April 29th is a symbol of the power, stability and responsibilities of females, fertility, and Mother Nature.  That is why it is called the pink moon, although it is not pink in color.
This beautiful and powerful full moon is deeply transformative and positive. It will summon your ability to feel and project "Divine Love", that unconditional love that enlightens and empowers those ...   read more


March 19, 2018
Between the two glorious full moons in March, is a new moon. This gives us the time to go within, and emerge with optimism, shine bright as we plant seeds, and emerge out of the darkness of winter, and into the beautiful light of spring. 
For Goddesses this is a very creative time, full of inspired action that makes dreams come true!  Take that lunar energy and set intentions for the summer, and definitely ...   read more


February 11, 2018
The cold month of February denies us light with a Black Moon. The Dark Temptress of sex, power and politics waxes with destructinve lust and longing. Without a full moon to guide us, we must  listen to our intuition,  unleash our psychic ability, and realize our hidden strengths. 
For there are deeper currents within us, untamed feminine gifts that flow like water, with authenticity, compassion, ...   read more

January Super Cold Moon and Blood Blue Moon, 2018

January 23, 2018
January is magnificently bookended with two full moons, reminding us to look at both light and shadow, lest we take for granted what it is we value!  
We start with a cold super moon - and finish with a blue moon/blood moon, lunar eclipse. How magically taunting is that? Expect WICKED energy that will make you want to give mortals a tongue-lashing about self-love, altruism, and respecting women. Normally ...   read more

December Super Cold Full Moon, 2017

December 3, 2017
The new moon exposed stealth shadows and savage secrets, individually and collectively, that are illuminated by this cold, dualistic, Gemini, full moon. The truth is always liberating, but not necessary clear, nor comfortable. You must decide how deeply you want to dive to be true to yourself, sacrifice ego, and be honest with others, in order to achieve your Divine Mission. Perhaps it is time to get those stupid voices ...   read more

The November Misty Full Moon

November 3, 2017


The November full moon is all about water, in all of its love and abundance. River water transforms from flowing liquid into frost, snow, and ice, so we retreat into the pool, sauna, and hot tub. Transitions are less about breaking free of old patterns, and more about starting something joyously new and exciting. 

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What do Naked Goddesses do when the water is too cold to swim naked in the moonlight?

November 4, 2016
This month, the Naked Goddess High Priestess expounds upon the moon above and the heart within. If you want to ask the High Priestess a question email her
Q:  What do Naked Goddesses do when the water is too cold to swim naked in the moonlight?
A:  During this time of transition we honor the FROST MOON, where we flow from liquid to solid. Goddesses who swim in open ...   read more

Why do Goddesses like to swim naked during a full moon?

October 7, 2016
From the Naked Goddess High Priestess
We want to thank and congratulate the Human Access Project for supporting the Naked Goddess Swim! We hope you all feel the Naked Goddess' Love! If you would like to ask the High Priestess a question click here:
Q: Why do Goddesses like to swim naked during a full moon?
A: The pull of the moon affects all water, ...   read more