HAPpy People - Janie Malloy

September 22, 2017


 Meet River Hugger and intrepid open water swimmer, Janie Malloy, interviewed by Christina Malango. Janie lives in an historic house in Canby, is an Airbnb host, realtor, landscape designer, triathlete, and originator of the Naked Goddess Swim. For starters. 


Q:  Have you always done a dozen things at once in your life? 

A:  Yes, life is art, and I make beautiful art by being creative, adventurous, brave, and curious. I have done some unusual things, like stand-up comedy, swim a 10k, and learn how to have a home funeral. For every idea I implement, there are 10 I don’t have the time or energy to start and finish. 

Q:  You've done a tremendous amount of open water swimming this summer.  What does your winter workout look like?  
A:  In the winter I swim in the box with a master’s team (usually), do more yoga, and I take Krav Maga, a form of Israeli self defense. 

Q:  Have you always been a swimmer? 
A:  Just about, I learned to swim when I was three, in a baby pool, where my feet could touch the bottom. I started swim team when I was five, still too small to fit into a team suit.  I didn’t swim in high school or college, and I only started swimming masters, and open water swimming when I was in my 40’s.

Q:  Do you have a favorite place to swim?  Favorite distance? N
A:  No, I love to swim anywhere, any time, any distance. For a distance swimmer, I don’t log a lot of time in the water. I prefer to swim for pleasure, and I don’t keep track of my workouts.  

Q:  What is your dream swim? 
A:  TrygFonden  – a 2km open water swim through the canals of Copenhagen. The event is held on a truly iconic course - around the Danish Parliament buildings. And I’d love to take the Naked Goddess Swim to Paris, and swim while the Eiffel Tower is lighting the night sky.

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