"Our River" chords and lyrics

Everybody sing along!




"Our River"              


I fell into a dream one day, of a town where I could swim and play,

G                   C                  G                                                  C                G

That loved its river just like the land, the Cascade Mountains, the coast, and micro beer,

G                                C            G                                                                              D              



I’m a river hugger, Willamette River lover,

Asus            G         Asus      G            

Your sparkling pride makes me come alive, roll on my friend, roll on.

Asus         G          Asus                     G                  D           G                



Brother, take me back to days gone by, when the Grand Ronde Tribes, and the salmon thrived,

G                                            C                  G                                                                  C            G

No dams, barges, bridges or cars, just canoes and oars and swimming under stars,

G                              C                G                                                                                    D              




Willamette Falls, our proud number two, outside of Niagara, no one's larger than you,

G                                     C                        G                                                         C                  G

Would you ever guess our river has tides, always lowest when the full moon shines, so bright

G                                             C              G                                                                                         D              




--------THE BRIDGE-------------

What if years from now, children cry, reading history and asking why,

Am                                       G                    Am                               G 

You and I didn't draw a line in the sand, have the guts to care, and take a stand,

Am                                    G                            Am                         G                          D

----------END BRIDGE----------




Let's make Portland shine, there's work to be done, NOW is the time, we've already begun,

G                                                           C                   G                                                   C            G

So put on your suit and join the scene, get into your river, JUMP IN! Rip City sing!

G                                        C            G                                                                D