HAP is actively working on a few projects on the Willamette River (in no particular order):

1) Marquam Beach ("Poet's Beach") Access.

Under the Marquam Bridge on the west side of the Willamette River is a perfectly good small beach, but there has never been a safe way to access it. HAP has changed that. Working with many others, we have created a new pathway to this beach. Along the path are stones that are engraved with children's poems and native words from the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde.

2) Tom McCall Bowl Beach.
We have UnRocked the Bowl to create a beach area at Tom McCall Waterfront Park. We will continue to do so every summer so Portland has a city beach to use. Numerous volunteers join us every year in this "unrockin'" community effort.

3) Audrey McCall Beach.
This summer we will continue removing concrete, glass and debris from Audrey McCall Beach, on the eastside of the river just south of Hawthorne Bridge. Our plan is to remove 50 yards of concrete from the bank this year.


4) Operation Deep Clean. 
We hope to bring in a barge with an extremely heavy duty crane to work with divers to see how much junk we can pull out of the depths of the Willamette.

5) Bridge Signage.
When you drive over the bridges in downtown Portland there is very little acknowledgement that you are driving over a river.  We need signs that remind people that the Willamette River is indeed a river that we are proud of in this city.

6) Softening the seawall.
We are hoping to enhance the ugly forboding seawall with artwork until the time it can be reengineered to provide better access to the water's edge.

7) Concrete removal.
We will continue to remove concrete from the banks of the eastside. Let's face it, when you see chunks of discarded concrete on a riverbank it kind of communicates that we do not love our river.  We are hoping to pick our river banks clean of ugly concrete chunks.  More to come!


8) ART!