Willamette River Expressions

HAPpy People: Rory Marion

April 14, 2017
HAPpy People: Rory Marion
Check out Rory's YouTube channel here:
Meet HAP videographer, drone pilot, philosopher, and young man about town, Rory Marion. Who is this 13-year old you may have heard about? If you’ve been following HAP’s FB page you’ve seen his work—fun videos of River Huggers with traces of animation and music—delightful ...

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Honoring Our Rivers poem

November 5, 2016



From the 2016 Honoring Our Rivers Anthology:


Free Water

By Alex Rawls, grade 3


Water is flowing freely,

Water chooses its own path,

separate from the rest.

Bubbling, bouncing,

carving canyons,

falling in silence.

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