Willamette River Advocacy

Kon Tiki Fundraiser

November 3, 2017


A fund/funraiser for Human Access Project


Thursday, Dec. 7  6:30 pm
Hollywood Theatre with after-party at Popina Swimwear


Aye, it is true that you can change your world while sitting on your butt – on a raft or theater seat. Support the Human Access Project and put an oar in the Portland “riverlution” by watching one of the most amazing raft voyages in human history – “Kon-Tiki”!


This inspiring adventure film won the Academy Award for Best Documentary in 1951. It features actual footage of the life-or-death trip Thor Heyerdahl and a small crew took in 1947 on a homemade balsa raft from Peru to Polynesia, all to show a disbelieving world it could be done. It flipped prevailing world opinion on ancient migration, proving the power of imagination (and wind) can carry us far!


After the movie, join the after-party nearby at Popina Swimwear (2030 NE 42nd) for music, food, complimentary Kona beer, pizza, and adventurous conversation. A little (or big) donation would be greatly appreciated!


Learn more about Kon-Tiki (original NY Times story): http://www.nytimes.com/learning/general/onthisday/big/0428.html


Tickets:  $10 (includes film and after-party with free beer/pizza) 

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