The Naked Goddess' Guide to Swimming the Universe


April 26, 2018


The full moon on April 29th is a symbol of the power, stability and responsibilities of females, fertility, and Mother Nature.  That is why it is called the pink moon, although it is not pink in color.


This beautiful and powerful full moon is deeply transformative and positive. It will summon your ability to feel and project "Divine Love", that unconditional love that enlightens and empowers those who seek their truth and purpose.


For Goddesses this is an opportunity to make a wish to feel the sun, and bless the rain and cold that is fading!  It is what has brought us here, despite the discomfort. Accept and acknowledgement that what is behind us may contain heartache, destruction or pain, but what is before us is glorious. Surrender to the love of deep purpose, and go forth to spread love, for love is what we are, and where we replenish and renew our power.


Full Moon Ritual: take a deep breath underwater, and blow bubbles. Release the air and tension, then rise and take a full breath, and feel the promise of the moment, and all things to come.   

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