The Naked Goddess' Guide to Swimming the Universe

January Super Cold Moon and Blood Blue Moon, 2018

January 23, 2018

January is magnificently bookended with two full moons, reminding us to look at both light and shadow, lest we take for granted what it is we value!  


We start with a cold super moon - and finish with a blue moon/blood moon, lunar eclipse. How magically taunting is that? Expect WICKED energy that will make you want to give mortals a tongue-lashing about self-love, altruism, and respecting women. Normally we would advise against such folly, Darlings, but exactly how are we going to enjoy World Peace? Not even if we have to nag, apparently. So love thyself enough to speak truth, but don’t expect them to hear until they are in the proper mood to listen.


By the mid-month new moon, we will be exhausted and ready to ignore the mortals, and this will be a good time to silence the Mom voice and work on our icy glare. The silence written on our face should say, “If we can’t say anything nice, then we will not say anything at all”.


When the blue moon, red as a blood moon, is eclipsed, the mortals will be forced to look into the shadows of their hearts. As the light of the moon returns they will remember how wonderfully good and lovable they can be. After all, remember our Trusted Gentlemen? Have they not been with us all along? Have they not sworn to protect us, and worship us, and declare their loyalty to our cause? Let us be grateful for our Trusted Gentlemen, for their actions speak louder than words.

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