The Naked Goddess' Guide to Swimming the Universe

December Super Cold Full Moon, 2017

December 3, 2017
The new moon exposed stealth shadows and savage secrets, individually and collectively, that are illuminated by this cold, dualistic, Gemini, full moon. The truth is always liberating, but not necessary clear, nor comfortable. You must decide how deeply you want to dive to be true to yourself, sacrifice ego, and be honest with others, in order to achieve your Divine Mission. Perhaps it is time to get those stupid voices out of your head, and tell them to fuck off!
Mysteries are surfacing: epiphanies urge second looks, opinions might change, do – overs are possible, nothing is written in stone. Liberation is the theme for this month, achieved when our intellect converges with our emotions, leading to a forgiving and loving viewpoint. Time to set sail for 2018, with intention, and don’t forget to bring a kind and caring Moral Compass.  
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