The Naked Goddess' Guide to Swimming the Universe


December 19, 2018


With this lunation, we have a double closure; the final full moon of the year, followed by the winter solstice. What a beautiful goodbye, and a bright beginning! If there were ever a time to evaluate your progress (past) and plot your path, it would be now, while the full moon lights your way, and increases your intuition, as the solstice elevates your emotions. If you've been thinking about making changes, taking a risk to go bigger and better, this is a sign that change will be easier than you think, the more your confidence is aligned your intentions. Use the momentum of the cold full moon brilliance, followed by the promise of increased light to catapult your desires, expect positive change, and invite delightful surprises! Seize this perfect opportunity to say goodbye to 2018, take a great big breath of cold air, and say, "Well, helllloooo 2019, you are bright and promising!" 

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