Naked Goddess Guide to Swimming the Universe

April 14, 2017
Naked Goddess Guide to Swimming the Universe
by the High Priestess
With the March equinox comes a rare balance between dark and light, day and night, forbidden and indulgent. As spring arrives new beginnings are illuminated, if not fabricated, and we bid farewell to the past.
Not only is March the month of beginning (Aries) and ending (Pisces) on our cosmic calendar, but our Goddess Venus is also going retrograde! ...   read more

Recent Entries

Blue Space for All Beats a Wall

January 16, 2019
by Tom Vandel, HAP First Mate
God knows there’s a lot to be blue about these days. But it’s a fact my friend, blue space can drive away the blues.   
If anybody knows a good blues lick, here are some lyrics:  When blues get me down, I get down to the river, night or day, come what may, I get down to the river, down to the blue space, and let them blues flow away.  In Portland, we ...   read more

HAPpy People, BY Christina Malango

January 15, 2019
Meet Lars Rutkowski, who can hold his breath as long as it takes to read this, no matter how slow you read. 

Have you always been part fish? How did you first find swimming?
I've always liked the water, but it wasn't a big part of my life until I was introduced to Underwater Hockey. That was the gateway drug to fin swimming, which led to freediving on our coast and open water swimming for fun ...   read more


December 19, 2018
With this lunation, we have a double closure; the final full moon of the year, followed by the winter solstice. What a beautiful goodbye, and a bright beginning! If there were ever a time to evaluate your progress (past) and plot your path, it would be now, while the full moon lights your way, and increases your intuition, as the solstice elevates your emotions. If you've been thinking about making changes, taking ...   read more

HAPpy People - Andrea Milano

December 18, 2018
How did you find the River Huggers and what appealed to you about the group? 
My good friend, Hilary, told me about the River huggers one morning over coffee. It was just the tease I needed to show up one June morning at the Fireman's dock. Actually, my first swim launched from Audrey McCall beach and I lost my goggles that time. But that was the season we gained access to the Firehouse dock (our official ...   read more


November 25, 2018
 By HAP Ringleader Willie Levenson  
I send warm greetings and much love to the HAP family. Thank you for being a part of it and helping us get where we are! 
Look what we have accomplished together in our nine years. Two new downtown beaches, 5,000+ people at The Big Float, a thriving River Hugger swim team, and a city slowly but surely falling in love with its river. Our culture is changing right ...   read more