Naked Goddess Swim


Want to strip down and enjoy downtown Portland's riverfront skyline by the light of the full moon? Join us for the Naked Goddess Swim  –just before moonrise down at the Public Dock of the Eastbank Esplanade. Mere mortal women will shed their suits and inhibitions and swim as Goddesses in the light of the full moon. Join us for Human Access Project's celebration of women and our Willamette River!


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Date:         July 20, 2019

Location:  Public Dock on the Eastbank Esplanade (map).

Time:         9:00pm - 11:30pm



Triathlete and master swimmer Janie Malloy has trained in the cool, deep waters of Oregon City’s Clackamas Cove for years. When she organized the first Naked Goddess Swim there in 2013, it was a cheeky way for eleven women to show the municipal government the importance of public access to the cove. Word of the Naked Goddesses spread quickly. In its second year, the event grew from a good time shared by a couple of friends to an empowering, sixty-woman celebration of public water access and the beauty of the female form. With help from a partnership with the Human Access Project, the Naked Goddess Swim relocated to the Willamette River in Portland last year, and attendance doubled again (120 women!).



The Naked Goddess Swim means different things to different people– what will it mean to you? Some women who participate are local to Portland, while others come a long distance to join in the fun, the thrill, the camaraderie, the spirituality, and total acceptance of the female form. Everyone involved experiences the Goddesses’ strength and walks away smiling. This year marks the fourth annual Naked Goddess Swim, presented by the Human Access Project (HAP). A percentage of the proceeds will benefit HAP, supporting our mission of positively transforming Portland’s relationship with the Willamette River.



  • When and where is the 2019 Naked Goddess Swim?

    • When: Saturday, July 20th. Registration/check-in opens at 8:30, the swim starts after the required pre-swim safety meeting begins at 9:00pm, and lasts until 11:30pm.

    • Where: the Willamette River! We’ll jump in from the Public Dock on the Eastside Esplanade. It’s about a 3 minute walk south of the Hawthorne Bridge on the east side.

  • Who can participate?

Participants and volunteers must be 18 or older and bring photo ID to the event.


Men and women are invited to volunteer (please register here!) either as “Trusted Gentlemen/women,” who help with security and setup/breakdown or “Kayak Gods/Goddesses,” experienced safety paddelers who ensure on-water safety.


  • What should I bring to the Naked Goddess Swim?

    • Photo ID (required)

    • Your printed ticket (get one here)

    • Flotation device (required, available for purchase at the event for $10)

    • Glow stick jewelry (recommended, the better to be seen by Kayak Gods and Goddesses)

    • Towel or robe, sandals

  • How can I get there?

    • Public transit with stops 4 blocks away: 4, 6, 10, 14, 15 and with stops 8 blocks away: 30, Portland Streetcar A Loop (last Saturday pick-up approximately 10:56pm) & B loop (last Saturday pick-up approximately 10:57pm)

    • By car, with parking available at the lot by Fire Station 21 (5 SE Madison St, $1/hour) or on the street near the lot (free but limited).


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Thank you for helping HAP improve the health and accessibility of the Willamette River! Along with the amazing experience, we’re going to send you home with some mementos. Bling includes a Naked Goddess Swim logo swim cap and matching poly bag to hold your belongings in a supervised area while you swim.


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  • 2015 Goddesses ready for the moon to rise and the inhibitions to fall. Photo by @PennyMcLain.
  • Oh, just another warm Portland night down by the river.
  • The 2015 Naked Goddess Swim.